‘The world’s most dangerous road’

Cycling death road is a must if you’re thinking of visiting Bolivia. The route first became mainstream when the ‘old’ Top Gear cast was seen driving through the mountains in a road trip special, 2009. Since then, the road has become a popular tourist attraction for those that are brave enough.

Built in the 1930s by Paraguayan prisoners of war, the North Yungas road (as known by the locals) is located a 3 hour drive from La Paz and used to be the only road available for the many trucks and lorry drivers entering La Paz from Yungas. Since 2006 an alternative route has become available for larger vehicles, although some locals still use the old road for transportation.

The 60 km ride takes you through the most incredible scenery and microbiomes, a combination of Jurassic park forests and Austrian alpine roads.


If you’re going to Bolivia, this will be the highlight. The fast downhill speeds, long swooping turns, incredible drops, adrenaline boosts, and breathtaking views come together to form a truly once in a lifetime experience.

I went with a company called ‘RIDE ON Bolivia‘. The standard price is 499 Bolivianos ($70). This is incredibly reasonable and includes 2 meals (inc. a buffet at the finish point) and all the equipment needed to feel as safe as possible.

Whats included

  • sturdy mountain bike with suspension
  • protective gear
  • lunch and snacks
  • photos
  • experienced guides
  • swimming pool at the finish point

*Depending on your tour company, it may be possible to take the zip line across to the other side of the valley. This was an incredible experience and was well worth the extra cash.



RideonBolivia made me feel as safe as possible. The protective equipment is of a good standard and at no point did I feel uneasy. When it comes to the ride itself, there are unguarded drops to navigate on the journey. This of course comes with come degree of risk. However, the guides are always around to put your mind at rest and one guide is always positioned at the front and back of the pack to ensure no one gets left behind. I have little to no mountain biking experience but found the journey relatively easy to finish.



For an additional fee is it possible for you to zip line across to the valley and meet to the adjacent road.


Have you cycled the ‘World’s most dangerous road? Let us know in the comments!

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